(161 words)

“You should try this cake, it’s amazing!” I say.

Why not keep it light? No sense provoking her. She’s a killer and she knows that I know. That’s enough for now. I chuckled when she suggested we meet at her place for lunch. I mean, seriously? She poisoned eleven people – that I know of – and I’m gonna let her serve up coffee and danish? I’m not stupid.

But here in Bud’s Diner, no problem. And the cake really is amazing. Coffee isn’t bad either. A little refreshment before we get down to business. It won’t take much, me keeping quiet. My needs are simple. I’d be satisfied with less than the price of a decent full-size pickup. I’m not greedy, after all. It’s just business. Swallowing the last fork full, I look up at her and wink. She smiles.

“Yes, I’ve heard the cake is quite good,” she says. “The cook is a personal friend of mine.”

She winks.  

Copyright 2018 by D.A. Donaldson

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