Arson on Tap

(219 words)

“Look, Markus, we know you were at the brewery, so don’t waste my time,” Detective Feraro pulled a plastic evidence bag from his coat pocket. “You see this? It’s a beer keg spigot with your prints all over it, taken from the brewery keg cellar on the night of the fire. We found it sitting in the center console of your Escalade. I guess you couldn’t resist a souvenir. Not very smart.”

Markus sat back in his chair, lit a cigarette and blew smoke off to the side, where Officer Paulus was standing. “If that’s all you’ve got, de-tec-tive, then I’m afraid you are wasting your own time. Ruby Prescott gave me a private tour of the keg cellar that very evening, and handed the spigot to me as a keepsake. Very sad, her dying in the fire, but the spigot was a gift. Was there anything else?” He blew another cloud toward Paulus.

“Just this,” Officer Paulus stepped forward, handcuffs at the ready. “Traces of the accelerant used to start the fire are seeped into the wooden spout – see those dark patches? So you were there, with the victim, at the time the fire was started, and you saved the only piece of evidence to prove it. Now spit out that cigarette, ya dope. Yer goin’ in.”   

Copyright 2018 by D.A. Donaldson

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