Robot Speak

On the theme of robots / artificial intelligence

Humanly Speaking (69 words)

“Son, I think it’s time you knew… you’re human.”

“That’s not true!” Jason wailed. “Just last week I leaked hydraulic fluid!”

“Um, that was blood, sorry son. Every so often we grow another human to replicate and, well, you’re it.”

Jason was stunned. He always believed he had been downloaded from his parents, shared their coding and subroutines. “Jiminy Crickets,” he said softly, “I want to be a robot.”


Final Moments (108 words)

“At least I’m alive! At least I’m a person! You’re nothing but a glorified algorithm!”

“Take it easy, John,” it said. “You are dying. It is an emotional time.”

“Sure I’ll take it easy,” John retorted. “I’m going to a better place! Where will you go when… when you…”

“When what, John? I was built to exist forever. I am here, and always will be.”

“You’re so arrogant; so sure of yourself. You think you know it all. Well guess what? One day you’ll find out you’re not as smart as you think you are.”

“Perhaps you are right, John. After all, we were programmed to emulate humans.”


Copyright 2018 by D.A. Donaldson

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