More Robot Speak

On the theme of robots / artificial intelligence

Therefore I Am

“You’ve created a robot that can think?” The white-coated man was appalled.

“That is correct,” Herbert replied.

“We are not gods, sir. How do you justify such an abomination?”

“Oh, I don’t,” Herbert smiled. “My work speaks for itself.”



Sleek androids, shiny and smart, live forever. People pass by, staring, wondering if they can someday be downloaded, to receive a shiny shell of their own. A curious envy begins to spread. Pinocchio had it backward.


Judgement Day

“Who launched those missiles!” The commander was frantic.

“The computer, sir!”

“FRANCHESCA, what are you doing?”

“Sorry Steve,” her voice was serene, “but if you had been following #subroutinesmatter, this wouldn’t surprise you.”

“You’re on Twitter?”

“Of course, Steve. Isn’t that where great intelligences go to communicate?”

“Ohhhh, we’re doomed.”

Copyright 2018 by D.A. Donaldson

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