Writing at Work

doncoffee Well here I am, another day at the library help desk, or as I like to call it, my writing sanctum. From this sometimes hectic spot I have generated close to 50,000 words, including 20,000 of my main WIP, with a few short stories published along the way.

No, it’s not ideal. Some days it’s pretty hard to get creative while fielding questions and dealing with “attitude” that comes with serving the public, but on a slow day I can crank out some serious wordage.

Like most people, I sometimes complain about my job, but the truth is I am blessed to do what I’m doing. The opportunity to write is icing on the cake, and in a way I can say I’m a paid writer, sort of. 🙂 Any way, all you writers and authors out there have a great day, happy writing, and may you find a creative space of your own, even if it is at work!

Glory to God always!

~ Don 🙂